Sunday, April 7, 2013


This blog is about foreclosure and foreclosure actions. If you are currently threatened with foreclosure or your property is underwater and you cannot make your mortgage and you are being affected by legal action against you then this blog will be a resource for you. Carl Person is an attorney that specializes in foreclosure defense and litigation. He is among one of the top attorneys in the field with over 50 years of litigation experience against some of the biggest law firms in the country. He has been an activist for the common man and has an unparalleled track record of getting justice for his clients.

If you have been served with foreclosure papers or action is imminent then it behooves you to watch the video below which he produced. He does not charge a consulting fee and offers Rolls Royce service for Chevrolet prices... After you watch the video I strongly urge you to make the call to the number mentioned in the video. You have nothing to lose except ten minutes of your time and you may be able to save your home. It has been said by someone that if you wait for the right moment you will wait forever. You got to this blog. The right moment is now..


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