Thursday, April 11, 2013

For Homeowners Seeking to Avoid Foreclosure and Sale

This video explains how attorney Carl Person provides his legal opinion (for homeowners or their attorneys) on what activities in court, if any, are most appropriate for trying to save a homeowner's property from threatened foreclosure and sale (even reversing a sale after it has occurred); the process is in two steps, with the first step being the gathering by the homeowner or a "Document Gatherer" intermediary (such as a securitization auditor or title searcher) of about 10 categories of documents (described in the video) needed by Person for his complete review and opinion on what legal activities if anything can be done at this stage of foreclosure. Person recognizes that prior attempts to help a homeowner by non-attorneys or by attorneys unskilled in foreclosure defense might have prejudiced the homeowners' opportunities to obtain a principal or interest reduction. 

Person describes a variety of variables that can account for grant to some and denial to others of a workable loan modification agreement. Person estimates that it takes him about 1 hour and 20 minutes to perform his review and to develop and summarize his conclusions (or litigation game plan) to the homeowners, or to tell them that there is nothing they can do, if that is the case. 

Person believes that, with so many well-meaning but less than fully skilled persons trying to sell their services to troubled homeowners, homeowners need someone to step back and look at everything that has been done (or has not been done) and make a legal assessment of what can still be done in the courts to stop a threatened foreclosure, if anything at all.

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